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History of Awosting​

Awosting – apparently an abbreviated form of an Indian word, Aiaskawosting, meaning “Place of Grassy Hills” dates back to somewhere between 1910-1915. At that time, Greenwood Lake was known as Long Pond and the only building in the colony was an old farmhouse which eventually became the northern end of our now existing Inn. The dance hall extension of the Inn was moved from the DuPont plant in Pompton Lakes at a later date.


The gravity sewer system (11,900 feet of 8” clay pipe) and the number 1 water well were built in 1914. Then sold to the West Milford MUA in 1965.


Awosting was developed by the Ringwood Company in 1915. Bungalows were numbered in the order they were built supporting speculation that 1 Wanaque Road was the first house built, 5 Ramapo Road, second. The colony contained two clock golf courses with the house which is presently number 3 Board Road being the club house. A gate and gateman controlled entry into the colony which is evidenced by the two stone pillars still in existence on Awosting Road. The Erie Railroad serviced commuters with a station only 2 minutes away and 34 garages behind the Ringwood "office" (26 Awosting Road) kept all motor traffic off the colony's dirt roads.

Awosting received it's certificate of incorporation on September 8, 1925 and was wholly owned and operated by the Ringwood Company. In 1935, the Awosting Country Club was formed to cover all social activities with the Ringwood Company still owning all facilities. In 1940, the Awosting Association was conceived to control all facilities and activities but still no ownership. In 1954, the Ringwood Company disbanded; all properties were given to Columbia University and Columbia then sold them to a Mr. Fred Wehran. This was almost the beginning of the end of Awosting as we know it.

In early 1955, Mr. Wehran offered the properties of Awosting to the association for $100,000. As all of the membership did not want to participate, a group of 61 interested members of Awosting formed a separate association called Awwemi (AWosting WEst MIlford) and purchased the property for $75,000. If this had not been done, Awosting could have possibly been opened to the public, turned into a campground or anything imaginable. After 10 years of ownership and management, the Awwemi Corporation sold the sewerage and water system to the West Milford MUA for $100,000 and the remaining properties to the association for approximately $30,000.

Finally, as of 1965, after 60 years of existence, beautiful Awosting and all it's properties belong to the entire membership of the Association.

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