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Awosting is a community of 197 homes nestled on the eastern shore of scenic Greenwood Lake, situated in West Milford Township in northern Passaic County, New Jersey.


Awosting is an association-based community. Members of the Association are offered a myriad of benefits including entry to numerous social events and access to the Clubhouse, Boathouse, main dock, playground, tennis courts, paved recreation area, ball field, and lifeguarded beach. Children’s Programs, including summer camp and swim team, are also offered to members for a small additional fee.


The majority of Awosting homes are on a public water and sewer system managed by Veolia. The roads as well as the lakefront walking path, known as the Parkway, are owned and maintained by the Association. All residents must pay a mandatory road and Parkway fee that is assessed annually.


Awosting is characterized by natural beauty and rich history, but the commitment and dedication of our members is what makes our neighborhood truly special.

The name Awosting dates back to somewhere between 1910-1915 and is believed to be an abbreviated form of an Indian word, Aiaskawosting, meaning “Place of Grassy Hills”. During that time Greenwood Lake was known as Long Pond, and the only building in the colony was an old farmhouse that eventually became the northern end of the “Inn”, which is no longer in existence.


In 1915 the Ringwood Company developed Awosting as a state of the art vacation community with water and sewer sanitary facilities. Bungalows were numbered in the order they were built supporting speculation that 1 Wanaque Road was the first house built, and 5 Ramapo Road was second.


The colony contained two clock golf courses and a clubhouse that was located at 3 Board Road. A gate and gateman controlled entry into the colony, which is evidenced by the two stone pillars still in existence on Awosting Road. The Erie Railroad serviced commuters with a station only two minutes away; motor vehicles were parked at the Garages keeping the dirt roads free from vehicle traffic


Awosting received its certificate of incorporation on September 8, 1925 and was wholly owned and operated by the Ringwood Company. In 1935, the Awosting Country Club, subsequently called the Awosting Association, was formed to control all Awosting facilities and social activities owned by the Ringwood Company.


In 1954, the Ringwood Company disbanded and Awosting’s assets were given to Columbia University. An investor named Fred Wehran purchased the assets from Columbia University. His proposal for major development of area properties and public use of community facilities threatened the community structure and social fabric of Awosting.

In early 1955, Mr. Wehran offered the properties of Awosting to the Association for $100,000. A group of 61 interested members of Awosting formed a separate Association called AWWEMI (AWosting WEst MIlford) and purchased the property for $75,000. After 10 years of ownership and management, the AWWEMI Corporation sold the sewerage and water system to the West Milford MUA for $100,000 and the remaining properties to the Awosting Association for approximately $30,000.

Through the years, social activities at the Inn, Beach and Boathouse defined the Awosting lifestyle while Children’s Activities kept the youth engaged. During the 1960’s, the Inn fell into disrepair. A group of 20 residents loaned Awosting the funds to renovate the Inn to maintain the community’s lifestyle. In the early 2000’s, the community reached a decision to build a new Inn. Financial plans for this were approved in 2005 and permits were requested. The new Clubhouse opened in the spring of 2018 and has become the center of community activities year-round.

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