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Awosting Association Security Policy (adopted March 8, 2023) 


The Awosting Association, Inc. owns and operates numerous properties and assets as part of the Awosting Community.  Apart from our restrooms, none of these community properties and buildings are of a nature that anyone utilizing them should have an expectation of privacy. Ensuring the security, safety and integrity of these properties is a top priority of the Board and core to its mission to administer these assets in a safe and secure manner, on behalf of the general membership. 

Security Key Cards 

The Clubhouse is accessible by all Members in Good Standing from 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and until 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday except if the Clubhouse is being used for an Awosting function or rented out for a private party. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult member in good standing at all times.   

The bondholders of households in good standing may receive upon request one access key card to the Clubhouse.   In the event a bondholder loses the card, the Clubhouse Director should be contacted as soon as possible to have the card disabled. The bondholders of the households are responsible for any damage found in the building during the time of use.  All access to the building is monitored electronically. 

Security Cameras 

Currently, both the Boathouse and Clubhouse have security camera systems that record video. If either a safety issue or property damage occurs, this video will be used by the Board to help determine any appropriate action that may be needed. For management purposes the Board, from time to time, will exercise its right to randomly review the video feeds from our camera system. This video is automatically retained for two weeks, but clips can be retained offline for a longer period as the situation warrants. The Board will give access to these videos to the proper authorities if it is determined that it is in the best interest of the Community to do so. Since all members of the Board are elected by the membership to serve on the Board at large, all Board members, and their delegates, are legally eligible to have access to the video system. Board members, directors and officers have duties that may change throughout the year; therefore, the Board will determine which Board members will have access and for how long. Certain appointed Board members will have remote access to the camera system for the purposes of reviewing security feeds and footage in real time.  These Board members may take immediate action such as contacting participants being surveilled or the police/fire/ambulance as the situation warrants. 

Because a single individual would not be expected to undertake full-time responsibility for surveillance, the Board Members with remote access will include, but not be limited to, the Association President, Clubhouse Director, Beach Director and individuals as deemed necessary by the Board. 

Community Documentation and Personal Information

All community documentation containing private and / or personal information will be kept in the locked conference room at the Awosting Clubhouse.  Access to these documents is limited to the currently elected Board members. 

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