Clubhouse Rules


The Clubhouse is available for public meetings and group functions, such as craft classes, card games, committee meetings, or association social gatherings, and for private parties. Such functions and any other use of the Clubhouse must be scheduled in advance and is subject to the rules stated herein.

Card Access

The bond holders of households in good standing will receive one access key card to the Clubhouse.  The first card will be distributed free of charge.  There will be a $25fee for any replacement cards.  In the event you lose your card, please contact the Clubhouse Director as soon as possible to have the card disabled. The bondholders of the households are responsible for any damages found in the building during the time of use.  All access to the building is monitored electronically. 


Open Access

  1. Residents of Awosting who are NOT members in good standing are not permitted to enter the clubhouse except for the Annual Road and Parkway meeting, while attending a private party or with written approval from the Awosting Association’s Board.

  2. Regular or periodic evening functions (such as hobby classes, card groups or committees) must be coordinated with the Activities committee and may be scheduled evenings once a week, or daytimes more often than once a week

  3. Group functions do not have exclusivity to the clubhouse.  Others may enjoy the other amenities of the clubhouse that are not being used by the group function.  It is recommended to rent the clubhouse for any events where you require exclusivity to the clubhouse.

Members are not permitted to enter the Clubhouse during private events unless invited by the event host.  Signs will be posted when a private event is in progress All Groups or individuals using the Clubhouse must leave the premises locked and in a neat, clean and orderly condition . All trash must be securely bagged in plastic bags and disposed of in the trash dumpster. Please leave the Clubhouse in the same or better condition in which you found it.


Private Events

  1. The Clubhouse is available for private events sponsored by a member in good standing, or a non-member Awosting resident at an increased price, provided they do not conflict with other scheduled functions and or meetings. All requests for use of the Clubhouse must be done via the Awosting Association website Use of the Clubhouse will be granted on a first to request basis.

  2. Decorations may be displayed in approved areas within the Clubhouse. Only Command ® brand adhesive shall be used for decorations purposes. The use of gummed tape, tacks, thumbtacks, nails, pins, suction cups, etc. cannot be used to mount decorations.

  3. A deposit of $200.00 must accompany the application for Clubhouse use. This deposit will be held to cover possible cleaning costs and/or damage.

  4. All parties must be over by 11:00 PM, all clean-up must be completed by that time, the lights turned off and the building locked up. Quiet time must be observed in the outdoor area after 10:00 PM. 

  5. No food items are to be left anywhere in the Clubhouse, including the refrigerator.

  6. All trash must be securely bagged in plastic bags and disposed of in the trash dumpster or the proper recyclable container.

  7. No Smoking is permitted in the Clubhouse.


General Rules


  1. Children under (16) years of age are not permitted in the Clubhouse unless they are accompanied by an adult.

  2. No wet bathing suits are allowed in the Clubhouse.

  3. The use of the kitchen is for prearranged and approved functions only and not for personal use.

  4. The sponsor shall have the responsibility to supervise their guests to assure that the Rules of the Association and is inevitably responsible for any damage cause by their guests use for the facility

  5. An iPad may be available for General use in the back of the room.  No other AV equipment is to be used without permission form the board

  6. The TV behind the bar is available for use.  The remote is located behind the bar and must be returned to its position at the end of the night.

  7. Only Duraflame or Enviro logs are to be used in the fireplace.  Only people who have experience with fireplaces are permitted to use the fireplace