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Clubhouse and Boathouse Rules

As approved by the Awosting Association Board of Directors for 2022



The Clubhouse is accessible by all Members in Good Standing from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM except if the clubhouse is rented out for a private party. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult member in good standing. The clubhouse is available for rent when it is not reserved for an Awosting event.  The cost of rental is $550.00 for members in good standing and $5,500.00 for non-member residents of Awosting, plus a $200 cleaning/damage deposit. Members may also rent the Clubhouse (no earlier than six weeks in advance) for small parties of up to 50 for $275 for 4 hours (finish by 6:00 PM to accommodate general community usage).  Nonresidents may not rent the Clubhouse.

The bond holders of households in good standing may receive upon request one access key card to the Clubhouse.  The first card will be distributed free of charge.  There will be a $25 fee for any replacement cards.  In the event you lose your card, please contact the Clubhouse Director as soon as possible to have the card disabled. The bondholders of the households are responsible for any damages found in the building during the time of use.  All access to the building is monitored electronically. 

Wet bathing suits are not permitted inside the Clubhouse. 

Only Duraflame or Enviro logs are to be used in the fireplace.  Only people who have experience with fireplaces are permitted to use the fireplace   

If you use the Clubhouse, please remove all trash and leave the Clubhouse in the same or better condition when you entered. 



The Boathouse may be rented by Members in Good Standing for private parties when it is not reserved for an Awosting or Yacht Squadron event. The fee is $250 per usage, with a $200 cleaning/damage deposit. Call the Clubhouse Director for details and availability. 

Clubhouse and Boathouse rentals can be booked online here.

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