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Benefits of Membership

As approved by the Awosting Association Board of Directors for 2021 

Only those persons who are “Members” in Good Standing are allowed to use the beach, boathouse, playground, Clubhouse, tennis courts and activity fields and to attend social events. A “Member” has: 

1. Contracted to purchase a $500 membership bond. 

2. Paid his/her annual Dues on schedule. 

3. Paid his/her annual Road & Parkway fee. 

4. Paid all relevant garage and activity fees 


Members are asked to report any non-member using Awosting facilities to a Board member. 


The Board of Directors strongly encourages every resident to join the Association and become a member. 


Guests: Members may have guests except where the number of guests at an Association function or facility prevents participation by another member. NON-MEMBER RESIDENTS MAY NOT BE GUESTS. There may be an extra charge for guests of Members at some Association functions.  

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