Awosting Dock Rules

As approved by the Awosting Association Board of Directors 2017


Docks:  Existing docks and their location will be respected and defended by the Awosting

Association Board of Directors with the authority to act and to effectuate the Board's decisions as stated in the Awosting By-Laws Article III Section 1 subject to the following policy:

  1. All docks must be registered and kept on file with the Docks/Parkway Director.

  2. All dock registrations must be renewed each year and within 30days after the title of the property to which the registration is assigned changes

  3. Docks not registered within 1 year will be considered abandoned and may be reassigned to a new registrant by the Board of Directors.

  4. A dock registrant is not permitted to sell or transfer their dock space rights to a non-Awosting resident.

  5. Dock space can only be rented or leased to a current Awosting resident(s) or active member(s) of the Awosting yacht squadron effective Jan 1, 2014.

  6. The Parkway Director shall maintain a list of Awosting residents desiring a dock or use of dock facilities.  This list shall be available to dock registrants to facilitate maximum use of existing facilities.

  7. New dock construction, alterations and/or additions to an existing dock requires approval from the Board.  The submission for approval shall include a letter of request describing the scope of construction or alteration; a scale drawing showing the dimensions between existing and proposed structure, adjacent dock structures on either side and measurements between docks, and the signatures of adjacent dock registrants confirming their awareness of the proposed changes.   

  8. Dock registrants are responsible for any damage caused to the parkway by either themselves or their hired contractor.  The registrant must secure a bond of $500 from the board in order to access the parkway in the event vehicle access is needed.  A check to the “Awosting Association’ should be remitted 1 wk prior to the start date and the duration of access should be noted on the check notes field.  The bond will be returned in full after usage barring no damage was incurred within 7 business days.  In the event damages were done to the parkway or access path(s), the Board will assess the cost of repair from an independent contractor and that amount will be deducted from the initial bond principle amt.  Any remaining monies will be returned to registrant with 7 business days.   

  9. A minimum "clear" space of 20ft must be maintained between adjacent docks.  There must be a 10ft berthing space between vessels on either side.

  10. The approval of the Board of Directors for construction is required only if the construction goes beyond the existing dock parameters (i.e rebuilding the dock space after a storm and NOT exceeding the previous structure's space does NOT require official approval of the Board).

  11. Use of another's dock space without written communication from the registrant on file is strictly prohibited. 

  12. Please direct any and all concerns to the Dock Director. Should a dispute arise between adjacent dock registrants and an amicable settlement cannot be obtained, the registrants of the docks are required to bring their respective grievances before the Awosting Board for resolution.  The process will occur as follows:

    1. Awosting Board of Directors is made aware of the problem and the steps taken for resolution by Dock Committee chair;

    2. Awosting Board receives and reviews all pertinent documents at monthly meeting;

    3. Awosting Board schedules a personal meeting with both dock registrants at next available board meeting to hear grievances and decide the matter;

    4. Awosting Board ruling is final and must be abided by or the dock registrant(s) will cede their right to maintain their registered dock.

  13. Any dock deemed to be a safety hazard must be repaired within 30days written notice.  As a result, an existing dock may be considered abandoned after 1 year of nonmaintenance or earlier if it is designated a safety hazard and it is not maintained or repaired within 30 days after written notice.  After abandonment, the Board may remove the dock and reassign the dock space to a new registrant.

  14. Trash and debris shall be properly removed from docks and the Parkway and shall never be burned on the Parkway.

  15. Homeowners of lakefront dwellings shall notify the Board before taking down and/or trimming of any trees or the installation of any plantings.

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