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Parkway and boat launching privileges 

As approved by the Awosting Association Board of Directors for 2022


1. The Awosting Association Inc. is the owner of the Parkway property along the shoreline of Greenwood Lake north of Windbeam Avenue. However, it is expected that each dock assignee groom and maintain the area adjacent to their dock. In addition, any Awosting resident observing misuse of the Parkway is invited to gently remind their neighbor of the problem or notify the Board so that the Board may determine a suitable response.

2. All Awosting residents have access to the Parkway for pedestrian traffic. No other use of the Parkway, at any time, shall interfere with this right of access and common utilization by any Awosting resident. 


3. No structures may be erected on the Parkway. 


4. No excavations, landscaping or planting, utility services of any type including electrical, storm and sanitary sewerage, sump pumps and drainage will be permitted without specific prior approval of the Board of Directors. Emergency repairs may be performed upon approval of the Docks and Parkway Director. Residents are responsible for any damage caused to the parkway by either themselves or their hired contractor. The resident must provide a security deposit of $500 to the Board to access the parkway in the event vehicle access is needed. A check to “Awosting Association” should be remitted to the Docks and Parkway Director one week prior to the start date and the duration of access should be noted in the check notes field. Assuming the project is completed without damage or any damage is repaired, the deposit will be returned in full in a timely manner of notifying the Docks and Parkway Director that the project is finished. In the event there are unremedied damages to the parkway or access paths, the Board will deduct the cost of repair by an independent contractor from the deposit. If damages exceed $500, additional charges will be assessed. 

5. Motorized vehicles of any type may not enter at any time onto the Parkway except by special permission from the Docks and Parkway Director. 


6. The Parkway property is not to be used for storage of boats, boat parts or equipment, docks, dock parts, storage boxes, lawn furniture or any other personal item or equipment at any time during the year. 

Boat Launching


1. Residents may launch boats at the foot of Windbeam Avenue or immediately north of the Boat House. 


2. Non-residents may not launch or retrieve boats from either site unless accompanied by a resident of Awosting with a current boat launch pass. 


3. Boat launch passes are issued to residents upon payment of annual Road & Parkway Fees and must be displayed when using either site. 


4. All boaters shall use the launch sites only for launching and retrieving their boats. To increase water safety and reduce congestion, the following Safety Zones are designated in Greenwood Lake: 

a. Windbeam Avenue – 100 yards in each direction north and south and westward from the landing. 

b. Boathouse – 100 yards in each direction north of the launch ramp, south of the swimming dock and swimming area, and westward from the designated swimming area and Boathouse. 


5. Boats and personal watercraft of all types shall pass through the Safety Zone with caution. No stopping, standing, or servicing of boats or watercraft in a Safety Zone is permitted, except when tied up to the Boathouse dock on the lake side. These regulations shall not interfere with the privileges of Awosting dock registrants at their own docks if located within a Safety Zone. 


6. Boat trailers shall be parked in designated areas only, not Awosting streets. 

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