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Awosting Policy regarding trees within the easement along Awosting roads


The Awosting Association, as managed by the Board of Directors, is responsible for planting, maintenance and removal of trees within the easement along Awosting roads.

1) For the purpose of Board management, the easement along Awosting roads will generally be measured from the estimated center of the visible roadway, extending out in each direction 19 feet.


2) Awosting will use best efforts to quickly remove any tree within the easement along Awosting roads deemed “dangerous” by the Association and its partner tree removal service.


3) “Dead/Dying” trees are not necessarily an eminent threat. “Dying” trees will be put on a list to be removed: a. Based on when they are discovered or reported, and/or b. Based on cost-management considerations of the Board (“bunching” removal to leverage savings; relative location of trees to be removed, etc.), and/or c. Based on available/budgeted funds


4) Trees in the easement deemed “questionable” by a homeowner need to fall into the “dangerous” or “dead/dying” category by the Board representative and their partner tree removal service before they are tracked and eventually acted upon by the Association.


5) Trees are cut several inches from ground-level; stumps will be left. The homeowner may keep the stump or arrange for grinding and the removal of wood chips at their own expense.


6) Only the Awosting Board is authorized to trim, remove or plant trees in the roadway easement. If you wish make a unilateral change within the easement area and you are willing to fund it, the Board will consider your request. Remember, there may be utility lines within the easement. If you act unilaterally within the easement and disrupt or damage utilities, the Board holds the homeowner responsible for all remedies.


7) The Board, in conjunction with a volunteer, is working to create a schedule to plant a couple new trees each year as needed. Regarding tree removal:

   a. Association will communicate its intention to trim or remove tree to the homeowner(s) where said trees lie in the easement directly in front of their home.

   b. Trees within the easement, being the responsibility of the Association, will be cut and taken away entirely, except when a homeowner directly in front of the easement where a tree is being removed, mutually agrees with the Board representative as to an alternative plan. For instance, if the homeowner would like the logs, a mutually agreeable portion of the tree can be left behind for the homeowner on the homeowner’s property; not on the easement. Any wood left behind under such an agreement becomes the sole property of the homeowner, with no responsibility thereafter of the Association to remove the wood or right of homeowner to demand removal. For the ambiance and beauty of our community, all homeowners under this special arrangement must not keep the trees on their property for more than 30 days.

    c. Association retains the right to keep all the wood or any portion thereof.


We will be working with our tree partner service to provide a discounted firewood rate to Awosting residents.


Contact for more information or to register a tree problem on or near your property.

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