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Clubhouse General Policy 

As approved by the Awosting Association Board of Directors for 2023


The Awosting Clubhouse is a community facility intended to benefit Awosting Association members and to be used for Association Social events and functions, casual members-only functions, and private parties for members.  


Rules on Appropriate Conduct and Substance Use on Awosting properties  

  • There is to be no underage drinking or drug use on any Awosting properties.  

  • Public intoxication is prohibited on Awosting properties and intoxicated individuals will be asked to leave.  

  • Conduct that is inappropriate, offensive, potentially dangerous, or illegal is not permitted.  

  • No firearms or other weapons of any kind are permitted on Awosting properties unless carried by Law Enforcement Personnel in the line of duty.  

  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests on Awosting properties.  

  • Parents will be responsible for the conduct of their children at all times.  


Access to the Clubhouse  

All Association members will be given one key card per family that will open the facility during hours of operation. The first card will be distributed free of charge.  There will be a $25 fee for any replacement cards.  In the event the card is lost, the Clubhouse Director is to be contacted as soon as possible to have the card disabled.  The keyholder will be responsible for damage during the time of access.   The Clubhouse entryway, ballroom, kitchen and perimeter are under constant video surveillance.  


Hours of Operation  

Clubhouse: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM Sunday – Thursday and 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM Friday & Saturday  

Outside Bathrooms: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM during summer season without key card   


General Clubhouse Rules   

  • Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult member in good standing at all times.  

  • Members are responsible for ensuring rules are enforced and may be held financially responsible for damages incurred by themselves, family, or guests. Membership may be suspended in case of egregious cases of misconduct.    

  • Entry into the building with wet bathing suits and wet towels is not permitted. If coming from the beach or playground, shoes must be worn to avoid entry with sandy/dirty feet.  

  • Resident non-members are prohibited unless accompanied by a member, and only for the purpose of viewing the facility briefly to consider membership.  

  • Smoking and vaping are not allowed in the Clubhouse at any time.  

  • Any trash created during use of the Clubhouse is to be removed prior to leaving. Leave the Clubhouse in the same or better condition than when having entered.    


Permitted Use of the Clubhouse  

  • Non-Sponsored Social Gatherings: Members are welcome to use Clubhouse facilities during hours of operation if not reserved for Awosting Social or business functions, or private rentals. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Any alcohol brought into the gathering must be removed at the end of the event; no alcohol is to be left in the facility.  

  • Children’s Activities: Activities will have access to the Clubhouse during inclement weather or excessive heat at the discretion of the Children’s Activity Director.  

  • Private Member Functions (Rentals): Events must be non-profit/non-commercial functions and only by invitation of the member renting the Clubhouse. Non-residents may not rent the Clubhouse. Any alcohol brought into the function must be removed at the end of the event. Clubhouse rental rules are to be followed.  


Clubhouse Equipment   

  • Chairs and tables  

    • Chairs and tables must remain in the Clubhouse and are not to be removed except to the shed.   

    • Couches are to be used for sitting; no jumping on couches.  

    • Ping pong table may be folded and moved to the side if needed for gatherings.  

    • Pool table comes equipped with a hard tabletop to function as a serving table if needed. The tabletop consists of 4 panels which are to be removed one at a time by gently lifting and pulling back to release panel from the prongs. The pool table is not to be moved under any circumstance. If found to be moved, a cost of $700 will be incurred to re-level. If the felt is damaged, a cost of $875 will be incurred.  

  • Audio / Visual Usage Rules  

  • A/V equipment may only be used during Awosting Association-sponsored events.    

  • Kitchen Use  

    • Children are not permitted in the kitchen without being accompanied by an adult.  

    • The convection oven is commercial machinery that should only be operated by fully licensed and insured caterers or trained members.    

    • Kitchen equipment can be used by members and renters but is expected to be cleaned and returned to shelves after use.  

    • If the fire alarm is set off, the person responsible will also be responsible for the fire department fees.  

  • Fireplace Use  

    • Use of Duraflame logs only. Fire must be put out before members leave the facility and the fireplace ash cleaned out. Use only if familiar with fireplaces. The flue must be open before lighting and closed when the fire is out.  


Clubhouse Property  

  • Tents, Yard Games, Trailers: Any structure requiring stakes must be approved by the Board to ensure underground pipes, wiring, etc. are not disturbed. A plan must be submitted to the Board 30 days prior to the event, including detailed drawings, etc. Any outside structures will need to be erected and torn down within the rental window. People erecting structures must be professional service providers and must carry insurance.  

  • Loitering: No Loitering is permitted; this is private property. No non-invited members may be on the Clubhouse premises when the Clubhouse is rented for a private event.  

  • Clubhouse Parking Lot: Parking is for Clubhouse activities only. Overnight parking is not permitted unless specifically authorized by the Awosting Board (for example for trailers for sailing events, resident boats when pulled in for hurricanes, or vendor trucks when supplying for a multiday event).  

  • Event Trailers / Storage: All event trailers and storage units are allowed only as per the plan and only during rented hours.  


The Awosting Board reserves the right to amend this Policy and these Rules as it deems appropriate from time to time. Awosting members and residents shall be made aware in advance with email and newsletter notification.  

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