AWOSTING Rules & Regulations 


The following rules have been established for the mutual benefit of all residents of Awosting. The improvement and protection of Awosting and its residents is the main criteria for the establishment of these rules. Observation and obedience to these rules is the responsibility of each resident and the Board of Directors. Any additional rules or regulations posted anywhere in the community or any changes made to existing rules and regulations MUST have approval of the Board of Directors.



Curfew: The curfew hour for all areas of Awosting, with the exception of the dock and boathouse area, will be 10:00pm. The curfew hour at the dock and boathouse area will be 10:30pm contingent upon the noise and litter level. At no time is damage to any Awosting property considered acceptable. A loud noise level disturbing adjacent homeowners or an unreasonable litter level will constitute good cause for either cutting back this curfew hour to 10:00pm or eliminating the usage of this area entirely. Consideration and mutual respect is paramount to maintaining a vibrant community.

Dogs: Must be leashed at all times. All residents are urgently requested to call the West Milford Township Animal Control at 728-2849 when dogs are found running free. No dogs are permitted at the beach at any time.


Guests: Members may have guests except where the number of guests at an Association function or facility prevents participation by another member. NON-MEMBER RESIDENTS MAY NOT BE GUESTS. There may be an extra charge for guests of members at some Association functions. All general activities are free to a members’ minor grandchildren (under 18 years of age), children living within your home up to the age of 18, or attending college up to the age of 23. Garages &


Storage Rental: The Association owns 34 garages at the very east end of Lake Road. Any member of the association wishing to rent one should contact the Properties Director. Dumping of leaves, brush or garbage is not permitted in garage area.


Dumping: Tree cuttings, landscaping waste, beverage containers or other refuse may not be dumped along roadsides, pathways or in vacant lots in or near Awosting. Contact the Properties Director with special issues or needs. 


Garbage: All residents are requested to keep all garbage cans tightly covered and off the roadway until the night before the morning of collection which is every Tuesday.


Clubhouse: The Clubhouse is accessible by all members in good standing from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM except if the clubhouse is rented out for a private party. Any one under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and adult member in good standing. The clubhouse is available for rent when it is not resarved for an awosting event.  The cost of rental is $500.00 for members in good standing and $5,000.00 for residence of Awosting.   Non residences may not rent the clubhouse.

If you use the clubhouse please remove all trash and leave the clubhouse in the same or better condition when you entered.

Boathouse Rental: The Boathouse may be rented by Association Members for parties up to 4 hours in length. The fee is $100 per usage, with a $100 cleaning deposit. Call the Beach Director for details and availability.


Membership: Only those persons who are “Members” shall be permitted the use of the beach, boathouse, playground, Clubhouse, tennis courts and activity fields and to attend social events. A “Member” has:

1. Contracted to purchase a $500 membership bond.

2. Paid his/her annual Dues on schedule.

3. Paid his/her annual Road & Parkway fee.


Members are asked to please report any non-member using Awosting facilities to a Board member.


The Board of Directors strongly encourages every resident to join the Association and become a member.


Signs: No commercial signs are to be displayed in Awosting. If you see one, please contact a Board Member to have it removed. Structures: No structures or construction of any kind is to be done on community property without the approval of the Board of Directors. This includes the sides of the roads as well as the other community properties and the waterfront.


PROPER ETIQUETTE Alcoholic Beverages: May only be consumed by persons over 21 years of age at Association functions, and on Association facilities where allowed.



Roughhouse: Roughhousing is not permitted. Cost of replacement or repairing any damaged property will be assessed against the responsible resident.


Guest Conduct: A member shall be responsible to the Association for the acts and conduct at Awosting of his household and guests.


Proper Dress: On roads, shirts and shoes must be worn at all times by children as well as adults. Appropriate dress should be worn to all community functions. At no time will bare feet be allowed in the Clubhouse.


Teens: Teens are required to accompany their guests.



Motor Vehicles: The West Milford Township police has jurisdiction in Awosting and all motor vehicle laws will be enforced.


The speed limit in Awosting is 15 MPH. No unlicensed driver may operate a vehicle on Awosting roads.


Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the Parkway or the Ball Fields. Unauthorized vehicles may not park on Awosting property. These vehicles can and will be ticketed. If you see unauthorized vehicles, please report them to the Board President or another Board member.


Minibikes and Mopeds: May not be operated in Awosting unless registered and driven by a licensed driver according to state law. Off-road vehicles are just that and should only be operated off the road.


Snowmobiles: No person under 14 years of age may legally operate a snowmobile in New Jersey pursuant to N.J. Act 39:3C-1 thru 39:3C-31 RS, which applies to Awosting. If residents operate these vehicles reasonably without creating a public nuisance, they can be driven parallel to the roadway directly to the lake or state land at a speed not to exceed 10 MPH. However, state law prohibits the use of a snowmobile on any road or highway, and complaint to the local police will result in enforcement. Other than the above, snowmobiles are not to be used on Awosting property.


Large Vehicles: Defined as any vehicle other than a passenger car including but not limited to commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, motor boats and trailers. Large vehicles may not be parked on Awosting Association property except when in use.


Residents owning large vehicles are requested to park them in an obscure place on their property or may arrange to park them near the Association garages by contacting the Properties Director. It is requested that these vehicles be camouflaged from view (shrubs, hedges, etc.)


No parking of large vehicles is permitted within 20 feet from center of roadway.


Road Gutters: Good road drainage is essential to maintain road pavement. Gutters must be kept clean. Each property owner is asked to keep clear the road gutters adjoining their property. 


Fire Lanes: All roads running from Long Pond Road west to the lake are considered fire lanes and may not be used for parking.


Safety and Security: Speed limit in Awosting is 15 MPH. Unidentified cars can be reported to the police. Please remind contractors or outside vendors to drive slowly through our neighborhood.




Due to the history of weeds and other debris at the Awosting beach, we ask that everyone who uses the facility assist the staff in any cleanup procedures. Your help will make our recreation area a safer and more pleasant place to swim.


Permitted Usage: Members and their non-resident guests may use the swimming facility and surrounding areas.


An Awosting-assigned beach badge must be worn or visible to the lifeguards at all times.


Posted Rules: Posted rules, and those printed in the directory, will be enforced. Parents are expected to review these rules with their families and their guests and to uphold them.


Authority: When a lifeguard is on duty, the lifeguard is in charge. Lifeguards have the authority to enforce the rules of Awosting Beach, and to take disciplinary action in the form of restrictions, if necessary.


Appropriate Play: No running in or around the dock area. No rough play or wrestling in or around the water.


Only one person at a time on diving boards.
No hanging from diving boards.


Wheeled Vehicles: Bikes, motorized vehicles, and any kind of skating equipment are not permitted on the dock, boathouse or beach areas.


Glass Containers: No glass containers of any kind will be permitted in the beach area. No exceptions. Litter: All litter is to be placed in the receptacles provided. No diapers allowed; these must be taken home.


Dogs: No dogs are allowed on the beach, dock or boathouse.

Children: Must be at least 12 years of age to use the beach area or swim without a parent, guardian or responsible adult. CHILDREN UNDER THE CARE OF A BABY SITTER NEED TO CHECK IN WITH THE LIFEGUARD ON DUTY UPON ARRIVAL.


It is required that a responsible adult accompany a child who cannot or has difficulty swimming 


Buddy System: All solitary swimming is discouraged. NO SWIMMING ALONE.


For those swimmers who are not proficient, they should be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Inappropriate Behavior: Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to enter the water, and will be asked to leave the premises. Operating Months: The Beach will be open for swimming from June to September.


Check the Awosting Update for beginning and end dates of lifeguard-supervised swimming.

Lifeguard Hours: During the operating months, the Lifeguards will be on duty from 10am – 6pm every day. Curfew: The Boathouse and Main Dock close at 10:30pm. Anyone at these facilities after hours may be cited for trespassing, with the exception of those attending an Associationsponsored function.


Grievances: Any member who has a grievance concerning the beach or any action taken by a lifeguard, please direct your concerns to the Beach Director or the Lifeguard Supervisor. Please do not confront the lifeguard on duty as that prevents the guard from properly watching the swimming area.


Risk: All use of the Main Dock, diving boards and beach is at the risk of the individual.


Teens: Teens are required to accompany their guests.


Motor boats: May not be operated except in accordance with state boat regulations. Complaints for careless operating of motor boats should be made to the Marine Patrol or Police Headquarters.


Additional rules of use for the Beach and Boathouse may be posted on the bulletin board at the Beach.



Maximum use of the tennis courts by members and their guests is favored. On weekends and in evenings, children shall give priority for courts to adults and working teens. At other times, all ages are equal. If any interpretations are needed, please see the Tennis Director.


Manners and Dress: Spectators are asked to remain quiet during play and to keep toddlers off the courts. Proper dress is required on the tennis courts. ONLY proper tennis sneakers are allowed on the courts. If in doubt about the proper tennis shoes, please see the Tennis Director for approved types before purchasing particular shoes.


Additional rules of use may be posted on the Tennis Court bulletin board.





1. The Awosting Association Inc. is the owner of the Parkway property along the shoreline of Greenwood Lake. However, it is expected that each dock assignee police and groom the area adjacent to their dock.


2. All Awosting residents shall have access to the Parkway for pedestrian traffic. No other use of the Parkway, at any time, shall interfere with this right of access and common utilization by any Awosting resident.


3. No structures may be erected on the Parkway.


4. No excavations, landscaping or planting, utility services of any type including electrical, storm and sanitary sewerage, sump pumps and drainage shall be permitted without specific prior approval of the Board of Directors. Emergency repairs may be performed upon approval of the Parkway Director.


5. Motorized vehicles of any type may not enter at any time onto the Parkway except by special permission from the Parkway Director.


6. The Parkway property is not to be used for storage of boats, boat parts or equipment, docks, dock parts, storage boxes, lawn furniture or any other personal item or equipment at any time during the year.


7. Parking and storage of trailers and boats is available for a nominal charge at the garage area (see Garages & Storage Rental). 

8. Limited parking for automobiles is available east of the Boat House.


Boat Launching: 1

. Residents may launch boats at the foot of Windbeam Avenue or immediately north of the Boat House.


2. Non-residents may not launch or retrieve boats from either site unless accompanied by a resident of Awosting with a current boat launch pass.


3. Boat launch passes are issued to residents upon payment of annual Road & Parkway Fees and must be displayed when using either site.


4. All boaters shall use the launch sites only for launching and retrieving their boats. In order to increase water safety and reduce congestion, the following Safety Zones are designated in

Greenwood Lake:

  a. Windbeam Avenue – 100 yards in each direction north and south and westward from the landing.

  b. Boathouse – 100 yards in each direction north of the launch ramp, south of the swimming dock and swimming area, and westward from the designated swimming area and Boathouse.


5. Boats and personal watercraft of all types shall pass through the Safety Zone with caution. No stopping, standing, or servicing of boats or watercraft in a Safety Zone is permitted, except when tied up to the Boathouse dock on the lake side. These regulations shall not interfere with the privileges of Awosting dock registrants at their own docks if located within a Safety Zone.


6. Boat trailers shall be parked in designated areas only, not Awosting streets.

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