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AWOSTING Rules & Regulations 

The community rules on this website have been established for the mutual benefit of all residents of Awosting. The improvement and protection of Awosting and its residents is the main criteria for the establishment of these rules. Observation and obedience to these rules is the responsibility of each resident and the Board of Directors. Any additional rules or regulations posted anywhere in the community or any changes made to existing rules and regulations MUST have approval of the Board of Directors. 


General Rules for All Residents

Curfew: The curfew hour for all areas of Awosting, with the exception of the dock and boathouse area, is 10:00 pm. The curfew hour at the dock and boathouse area is 10:30 pm (quiet time from 10:00 pm weekdays and 10:30 pm weekends). At no time is damage to any Awosting property considered acceptable. Consideration and mutual respect are paramount to maintaining a vibrant community. 


Roughhouse: Roughhousing is not permitted. Cost of replacement or repairing any damaged property will be assessed against the responsible resident. 


Guest Conduct: A resident is responsible to the Association for the acts and conduct within the Awosting neighborhood of his household and guests. Parents will be responsible for the conduct of their children at all times. 


Teens: Teen guests must be accompanied by their host. 

Individual Conduct: There is to be no underage drinking or drug use on any Awosting properties. Public intoxication is prohibited on Awosting properties and intoxicated individuals will be asked to leave.  Conduct that is inappropriate, offensive, potentially dangerous, or illegal is not permitted.  

Firearms: No firearms or other weapons of any kind are permitted on Awosting properties unless carried by Law Enforcement Personnel in the line of duty. 

Dogs: Must be leashed at all times. All residents are urgently requested to call the West Milford Township Animal Control at 973-728-2849 when dogs are found running free. No dogs are permitted at the beach at any time. 


Dumping: Tree cuttings, landscaping waste, beverage containers or other refuse may not be dumped along roadsides, pathways, the garage area, or in vacant lots in or near Awosting. Contact the Properties Director with special issues or needs.  


Road Gutters: Good road drainage is essential to maintain road pavement. Gutters must be kept clean. Each property owner is asked to keep clear the road gutters adjoining their property. 


Garbage: All residents should keep all garbage cans tightly covered and off the roadway until the night before the morning of collection, which is every Tuesday.  Members should clean up trash accumulated during the use of Awosting properties (the beach, playground, fields and basketball courts etc.) 


Signs: No commercial signs, other than real estate for sale signs, are to be displayed in Awosting. If you see one, please contact a Board Member to have it removed.  


Structures: No structures or construction of any kind is to be done on community property without the approval of the Board of Directors. This includes the sides of the roads as well as the other community properties and the waterfront. Please see Dock and Parkway rules for additional information. 


Fire Lanes: All roads running from Long Pond Road west to the lake are considered fire lanes and may not be used for parking. 


Large Vehicles: Defined as any vehicle other than a passenger car including but not limited to commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, motor boats and trailers. Large vehicles may not be parked on Awosting Association property (for example, our roads) except when in use. 


Residents owning large vehicles are asked to park them in an obscure place on their property or may arrange to park them near the Association garages by contacting the Properties Director if space is available. It is requested that these vehicles be camouflaged from view (shrubs, hedges, etc.) 


No parking of large vehicles is permitted within 19 feet from center of roadway. 

Use of Parkway and boat launches: All residents are eligible to enjoy the Parkway and use the boat launches.  See rules linked to the left. 

Road Safety

Motor Vehicles: The West Milford Township police department has jurisdiction in Awosting and all motor vehicle laws will be enforced. 

The speed limit in Awosting is 15 MPH. No unlicensed driver may operate a vehicle on Awosting roads.  Unidentified cars can be reported to the police. Please remind contractors or outside vendors to drive slowly through our neighborhood. 

Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the Parkway or the Recreation Fields. Unauthorized vehicles may not park on Awosting property. These vehicles can and will be ticketed. If you see unauthorized vehicles, please report them to the Board President or another Board member. 


Golf Carts: There have been complaints from residents about the unsafe use of golf carts and the age of the operators. The West Milford Police have been informed that we do not have anything in our By-Laws approving or disapproving the use of golf carts and that we leave the enforcement of these vehicles to the local law enforcement.   


ATVs, Minibikes and Mopeds: May not be operated in Awosting unless registered and driven by a licensed driver according to state law. Off-road vehicles are just that and should only be operated off the road. 


Snowmobiles: No person under 14 years of age may legally operate a snowmobile in New Jersey pursuant to N.J. Act 39:3C-16 RS, which applies to Awosting. If residents operate these vehicles without creating a public nuisance, they can be driven parallel to the roadway directly to the lake or state land at a speed not to exceed 10 MPH. However, state law prohibits the use of a snowmobile on any road or highway, and complaints to the local police will result in enforcement. Other than the above, snowmobiles are not to be used on Awosting property. 

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