Only Awosting residents may be added to these wait lists.  If you are not listed in the current Awosting Directory, please contact us to provide your contact information when adding your name to any wait list.



1. To get on the wait list, Enter you name on this page and click submit for the area you would like to be added to.   

2. Member use of garages takes precedence over resident-non-member use:
     a. Resident-non-member space assignments can only be made after ALL member requests are satisfied “in the category” (inside or outside garage space)
     b. While it is the Board’s intent to renew member annual leases indefinitely, providing the renter is in good standing and abides by garage area rules, resident-non-member leases are good for one year only and will only be renewed providing NO member is on the wait list, within the category of the renter (inside or outside  garage space) when new leases are sent.  Therefore, a non-member needs to understand their lease is clearly year-to-year.

3. The Association owns, manages and controls the garages area and per our lease, no lessor may assign or sub-lease.  All reassignments of space are the sole right and responsibility of the Association.

4. While all current leases are year-to-year, it is the intention of the Board to automatically renew all current member-renters annually, if they wish to continue, providing they are members in good standing, abide by garage rules and cooperate with Director of Properties.

5. As of September 1, 2016, notwithstanding 2.a above, and with the exception of member-renters currently contracted for more than one garage or outside space as of same date, (who are “grandfathered,” indefinitely going forward), no member may lease more than one inside and one outside space if any member is on the wait list in the same category, at the time of lease renewals.  Likewise, if vacancies allow for a member to secure a new second space within the category, the lease on the second space is good for one year only and will only be renewed if NO members are on the wait list in the same category.

6. Treasurer will no longer deposit checks without proof of signed lease.  No one may move into a garage until a lease is executed and payment submitted.

Enclosed Space Wait List

Outdoor Space Wait List

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